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Boîtes de déménagement emballées

Our packages

Cross cultural training

1. One day workshop

This one-day workshop is for expatriate employees and their partner. It could be eventually given prior to the expatriation or close to the move. It would happen at the company’s place or in a hotel accommodation. The group will content maximum 12 people. The workshop could be given in English, French or Dutch. It would be given by a Belgian psychologist with management experience who lived and worked for 41/2 years in the Netherlands as expatriate’s partner with the care of a young children’s family.


The content of the workshop would follow the requirement of the hiring company and the participants. All practical aspects of Belgian Living could be reviewed (with the time limit of course and depending on what information Art of Living is already giving): formalities, accommodation, household, healthcare, transport, children, studying, leisure, art, sport, shopping, cultural year agenda, language differences.


The second aspect concerns the cognitive and affective aspects of an expatriation: expatriation ‘s expectations, Belgian behavior, culture shock, norms and values, integration, new balance in the family,…. Those aspects could also be reviewed in a group session but in a minor way because they are more related to one’s pattern and they occur lately in time. This is the reason why we propose a second complementary program described below.


2. Mid-term support

What’s even more needed by the expatriate family and especially by the partner is a mid-term support in his/her integration process. The psychologist proposes a tailor-made number of individual sessions at the expatriate’s house. These sessions give the participant the opportunity to ask all the questions, to express his/her emotions on a confidential way, to be listened and to settle in. The tuition of basic French language is given to help the participant finding his/her way in the country. It can be seen as a soft landing in the host country between the moving boxes and the complete integration

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