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Boîtes de déménagement emballées

Our packages


1. Termination lease contract and rent payments

  - Send departure notice letter to the landlord by registered and normal mail preferably 3 months in advance

  - Inform the expatriate and the HR Department of the indemnity settlement to be paid

  - Ask the expatriate to stop automatic payment of the rent - When possible (i.e. permitted in the lease), AOL tries to sub-let the premises.

2. Pre inspection of premises with expatriate

During the pre-inspection, Helpful hints concerning cleaning, maintenance, painting, and refurbishing (i.e. what needs to be done, what is not necessary, etc....) are given to the expatriate and a first estimation of costs can be given.


3. Moving arrangements

  - Obtain quotes from 3 different moving companies

  - Attend the appointments - provide the moving company with the appropriate certificate from the Commune, necessary for Custom clearance

  - Organize the reservation of the parking space for the moving company


4. Organization of the final cleaning and of the maintenance to be done prior to departure.


5. Closure / transfer of utilities

  - Obtain and send necessary forms and information 

  - Meet the companies at the accommodation site

  - Return telephones to Belgacom apply for reimbursements when applicable


6. Exit inventory

  - Set up the appointment and send confirmations to the landlord and tenant

  - Attend the Exit Inventory and actively participate in the negotiation

  - Report to expatriate and HR Department


7. Notification to insurance companies and utility providers

  - Cancel in writing all insurance policies and ask for reimbursements when applicable

  - Cancel any other contracts (i.e.: alarm, elevator, garden maintenance, mole man, window cleaners, automatic fuel delivery contract...) and ask for reimbursements when applicable


8. Mailbox

Forward an Email Forwarding Form to the expatriate. The expatriate must then personally deliver this form to the post office and present the ID cards or passports of each family member. The mail is then forwarded to the new address for the next 6 months.


9. Radiation at the Commune

  - Return the ID card and obtain the Attestation from the commune

  - Obtain the legalization of documents (for tax purposes)

  - Exchange the driving license when possible


10. Release of bank guarantee When the dilapidation settlement has been paid, AOL ensures that the landlord releases the bank guarantee.


11. Cars

  - Return license plates to the DIV

  - Apply for reimbursement of the circulation tax

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